Coral Orange vs Coral Pink

Top: Wet Seal
Necklace: Gift
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Charlotte Russe

I got ready this morning in such a rush that I grabbed a necklace that I thought, at first glance, went well with the outfit.  As I was getting out of my car and was in direct sunlight, not the lighting of my house I noticed that the necklace was a completely different shade of coral. The necklace was more orange-ish while the pants were more pink-ish. I was a bit annoyed that I hadn't noticed it before and that I was going to go the rest of the day wearing a necklace that doesn't match. I even had to ask coworkers if I looked stupid.
But, then after 6 hours of work...thinking about inventory, and customers, and cleaning I completely forgot about the stupid necklace. And I decided I liked the two stupid colors together.

I do that a lot I've come to realize. I care too much about something so tiny and trivial, working myself up over it when it's really not.a.big.deal. Instead of focusing on more important things first I jump to assumptions over little details. I worry about what people think instead of what I think. I get irritated before I think things through.

Maybe if I take a second to let things roll off my shoulder and allow myself to relax a little bit I could improve a lot of life's little issues. Or big issues.


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