Yesterday my baby brother turned 7. I can't believe he's not actually a little baby anymore, it kind of blows my mind.
I still remember the day that he was born. Little Gentry wanted to greet the world 4 weeks earlier than planned! It was scary and he was so tiny, but he grew up to be a healthy little shit! He so smart, sweet and funny you would get a kick out of everything he says.

Taran and I went down to my grandma's house to celebrate his birthday and have cake. My mom and brothers have been staying there since Wednesday and have slowly been moving their stuff down there. It's weird to see their stuff somewhere other than the house we all grew up in. It will definitely take some getting used to.
Mom made homemade chicken noodle soup {my favorite thing ever} and I played checkers with the boys. Then we all sang Happy Birthday to G-man and had cake and ice cream together. My grandma was able to eat a bit of both so it made me happy that she could join us all.

Today I spent most of the day cleaning and organizing the house. Taran can't exactly move in until things get settled between this house and my grandma's. For instance my mom's bed is still here along with all of her dressers. Once things are more organized Taran can start bringing his stuff here and we'll finally be together.
One of the items we got for Christmas was a new vacuum from my dad and Tonya. I wanted to test it out today so that was one plus of cleaning. {I'm horrible at cleaning....I need to do stuff that won't bore me to death} I actually put the whole thing together by myself. Pretty proud of myself, not gonna lie.

Ta-Da! And it's purple! Hooray!

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