Our Story

"About me, him and how we met."
In 2004 I was just a 15 year old high school Sophomore who had to ride the bus to school every day. On that bus I met a boy named Taran and we became good friends. We had a couple classes together and we'd ride the bus home every day. We spent every day together hanging out, making macaroni & cheese, watching movies or playing guitar. I didn't think of him romantically until that Halloween when we rented a scary movie and wound up snuggling.
We started dating and were inseparable. He was my first real kiss and the first boy I loved.
In Spring of 2005 he informed me that he was moving to Minnesota to live with his mom and we would have to break up. I was crushed but willing to hold on. We stayed together until the summer when it was just too hard and too far away.
Despite not being together we were still good friends and we still loved each other very much. He visited once in 2006 and surprised me by his appearance. It was sweet and romantic, seeing him after all that time made me remember how much I loved him even though I was barely 16 years old.
Throughout the next few years though, we lost touch. He was in a band that was doing very well, he was in a relationship and living out on his own. I was starting my senior year and I had met someone new.
We didn't talk for a long time, I was in a relationship and started my first job.
He would randomly pop in my head from time to time, and I did miss him, even just as a friend.
In Spring of 2010 in the midst of my very rocky 3 1/2 year relationship I got a phone call from my mom saying I needed to get home asap. I walk through my door and standing in my living room was the boy I hadn't seen in 4 years. It was shocking and unexpected. My mom, who has always loved him, was so excited. We sat down and chatted for awhile, he told us that he had moved back to Utah and was in our area while out looking for a job.

We've always had a spark, we've always understood each other. Whether it be out of something platonic or not. Seeing him for the first time in 4 years was like seeing him for the first time in a week. We caught up, talked about jobs, relationships, school since graduation, etc.

I can't lie and say Taran wasn't a reason for severing the ties attaching me to my fulfilling relationship, he truly helped me break away from something that was already ill-fated. I didn't leave that relationship for Taran but I left because I finally realized I was unhappy.

But that's beside the point. This is about how the one who got away came back.

Once we started dating again everything just felt simple. Effortless.

On December 21st 2011 he asked me to marry him.
On March 1st 2013 we were married.

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