Disneyland Magic

Well folks, I'm home from the happiest place on earth. And that place really sticks to it's saying! I had so much fun, I wish I was still there.

We drove straight through on the first day. {12 hours, yuck yuck yuck!} Actually, it didn't feel like that long, the car ride was pretty entertaining. We sang Disney songs and chatted the whole time.
Sunday was Jerrica's birthday and the park was open from 9AM-12AM, which was pretty perfect because we did every single thing we could that day. It was exhausting spending that many hours in both the parks, but it was definitely worth it. I had so much fun riding the rides and seeing the characters, also enjoying my two excited best friends spending every minute with me. I rode Space Mountain for the first time, and although it almost gave me a heart attack I ended up loving it. Especially the Ghost Galaxy version. Yay Halloween!
I also rode Tower of Terror for the first time too, and I'm officially in love with that ride.
That night we even got to see the firework show and Fantasmic!

The next couple days were just repeats of things, and we just enjoyed our time there. The lines were perfect and we hardly had to wait for any rides. We met more characters, and even some villains were out and about, which are always my favorite.
We ate Churros, and Dole Whip, and frozen lemonade. Rode the rides multiple times, took pictures and had a blast.
A couple highlights:

- One day I ended up losing my sunglasses on Indiana Jones {well...not really a highlight, but I thought it was funny.}
- The Haunted Mansion was decked out for Halloween, and was Nightmare Before Christmas themed
- The Sounsational Parade
- Lots of shopping. I bought the greatest jacket with a skull on it that says 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and an adorable t-shirt with Lady on it.
- Making new inside jokes
- Riding the new Little Mermaid ride, awesome because it was one thing that the three of us were seeing for the first time
- Star Tours....it is seriously amazing.
- Getting autographs in my book like a kid.
- Jerrica and Crystal getting their birthday pins and hearing everyone say "Happy Birthday!" to them.

The last day was Crystal's birthday, and we spent the day in both parks. We went on Crystal's favorite ride a couple times {Soarin' Over California} and had lunch at her favorite spot.
That night we got to watch World of Color, and it is truly one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. If you ever plan a trip to Disneyland you have to go over to California Adventure one night and see it. It made my jaw drop within the first minute of the show.
The next morning we drove halfway home and stayed the night in St. George, where we spent our time goofing off and laughing our butts off.
We got home on Friday and I was already missing it!

It was a great adventure, and I had so much fun making memories with my two wonderful best friends. I love them beyond explanation and I'm so lucky I got to share their birthdays with them!

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