Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Hi everyone! Remember me?
I used to blog here a lot, but then I got lazy and boring.

But here I am! And I'm doing an Awkward and Awesome post, because it's been a long time :)

  • Waking up late and not having time to shave my legs or put any makeup on. Wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't so broke out right now :( I hate being 22 and having acne.
  • Getting my hair trimmed and leaving with little hairs all over my face making me look like I need to shave or something. That went really well with the unshaven legs and no makeup.
  • Waving at someone you hadn't seen in awhile, and having them not even recognize you. Yikes. I guess it had been awhile...
  • Shopping around Rue 21 and getting a little to involved, resulting in forgetting to check the time on my phone. Luckily I finally did because I had to leave to go pick my brothers up from school. That's a true shopaholic there....
  • Falling asleep with my phone in my hand, with the light on and randomly snapping out of it not realized what happened. Ever done that? I feel like such a dork when I'm suddenly jerked awake because it's kind of a dramatic act.
  • Getting my hair done! The purple in my hair was so weird...the strands that were dyed had about 1/2 an inch of grow-out, then the middle was a blonde color, and the tips were still dark purple! Crazy! So I decided to just do an all over chocolatey brown color for the fall, and got full bangs. Love it! 
  • Seeing my hair girl, who gave birth to her adorable son the week after my last appointment. She told me all about being a mother and I loved seeing her so happy. She's adorable. 
  • Free coffee drinks! Thanks Crystal ;)
  • Walking out of Rue 21 {after putting my stuff on hold to run and get my brothers} with 4 shirts, a purse, 5 pairs of underwear and a t-shirt for Taran and only spending $30.
  • Season premier of The Vampire Diaries was tonight! Man, I missed those dreamy vamps on my tv every Thursday. I have a feeling this season is going to be goooood.
*Happy dance*

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