17 Days.

Top: Rue 21 {for only $6!} | Jeans: Machine | Earrings: Wet Seal | Belt: Charlotte Russe | Shoes: Target

I realized that I've been MIA for almost 3 weeks. Whoever follows me or actually reads this -- sorry about that.
I have a couple of well thought out and plausible reasons for my lack of posts.

1. I'm lazy.
2. Well.....no that's about it. Basically I'm just lazy. 

I've thought about what I could blog about, and hadn't come up with much.
You guys, my life is pretty uneventful.

But listen to this.
I will be in Disneyland in 17 days.
d a y s

Also; I thought I'd try something different with my hair today. I haven't done a middle part since I was a kid. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Taran isn't a fan of it, he likes the bangs :) and I appreciate his honesty. 
What do you guys think? I'll probably go back to my regular style tomorrow ha!

I'll try to post more.
And I'll try to remember to charge my camera so you're not forced to look at these iPhone quality pics.
We'll see.
What'd I tell ya? Laziness.

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