Mickey Mouse

I had tripod issues today so this was the best picture I got! The whole outfit is from Wet Seal and the shoes are from Marshall's :)

Today I spent my day off with my two amazing best friends! In September they'll both be turning 23 so we have planned a trip to Disneyland to celebrate both of their birthdays. Today we got together and made "Disney Money" boxes. 
We wrapped up some shoe boxes and decorated them, then cut a whole in top where we will throw money and loose change in it every chance we get and that will be any extra spending money for the trip! I thought the idea was brilliant and we had a blast making them.
After we were done we went and gone ice cream and took a walk in the park {which was short-lived because it got pretty chilly really quick!}

It was a lovely day.
Crystal working on her box
Jerr's box and lots of scrap paper! Rule of crafting: never throw away scrap paper! It pays to have it :D
Our boxes! Crystal's, mine and Jerrica's
Side of Jerrica's
Top of Jerrica's
Top of my box
Side of mine

Both ends of my box, in case I get tempted?
Top of Crystal's box
One side of Crystal's
The other side of Crystal's
Both ends! Cute stickers huh??


  1. aww, sounds like such a fun day and how fab that you are all planning a trip, those are seriously the best!! And I love your pretty outfit, the lace and skinny belt are SO cute. Happy Friday hun. xx veronika

  2. What a fun way to save money for such a fun trip! You girls are going to have such a good time!!


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