Worst blogger ever

Top/Jeans: Wet Seal | Boots/Necklace: Charlotte Russe | Sweater: TJ Maxx

I know, I'm awful you can say it.
I had posts that were meant to go up for a whole week but something came up every time I thought about doing them.
Last weekend I spent time with Taran and during this week I've just worked and stuff. I haven't even been busy I just haven't sat down to blog. I fail. Ha!
But listen....I did take a lot of pictures so you'll have things to look at and you can pretend I blogged all week.
Sound good?


Top Row L to R
  • Taran and I bought the new BL that you can write on. I guess in case you're at a wild and crazy party you can write your name on it. I'm never at wild and crazy parties so it's kind of useless, except when he writes cute things like this on them :)
  • Waiting for my manager to come in. There were a bunch of construction dudes walking around working on the new Vanity that's opening. They were probably watching me take pictures ha!
  • My new boots that I have been in love with since before I even started working at Charlotte. They went on clearance for $9.99 and were buy one get one 50%!! WOW. They were originally $45, and the second pair {see today's outfit} were originally $35. Sweet deal? Indeed.
  • Taran made French Toast for us and my little brother. Ever had them with peanut butter? YUM!
Second Row L to R:
  • Taran's wicked nasty burn on his chest! He was helping his roomate's girlfriend with her car and when he touched the part that holds the coolant {forgive me I'm car illiterate} it wasn't hot. I guess if you turn it, it should click once and release steam and then click again...or something...anyway, it didn't release any steam so he assume it was cooled off. Well, apparently not because it exploded and went all over his chest, chin and wrist. Poor thing! I took care of him and cleaned it and bandaged it. It's looking a lot better now than it did a few days ago. Thankfully it shouldn't scar too bad.
  • I got home from the floor-set at work Sunday night and Taran had gotten Chili's to go. My fav. He rocks.
  • Worked Monday, I thought I looked cute...that's all - ha!
  • Started cleaning my room, put all my boots together and I realized I own a lot!
 Third Row L to R:
  • Stella lay on my floor while I cleaned, isn't she so dumb and cute?
  • I wrote cute notes to send to Taran when I got distracted bored of cleaning. I was playing with the Instagram app and I liked the way it turned out with my wood floor as a background.
  • Finally finally put up the Hollywood posters Taran got me for Christmas, but I decided they'll look a whole lot better when I can theme a whole room around them instead of sticking them on my ugly pink been-this-color-since-I-was-a-kid walls.
  • Got 50% off an outfit at work this payday and I also won a $10 gift card for a contest we were doing. I bought a skirt and a necklace with it, and Taran bought me this shirt. There was one I tried on that I was absolutely in love with, it was solid peach colored with flowing sleeves and a waist tie. I loved it so much, but as I was about to pay my manager pointed out a huge hole in the back. Heart. Broken. However, I do really love the one I got and hopefully if we get more of the peach it will be mine!
Bottom Row:
  • The only real explanation for this one is that I'm so so so excited for Disneyland in 4 months! Crystal brought me these ears last time she went, and they have my name stitched on the back. Woo hoo!!! 


  1. Dearest Bryana,

    You look fucking amazing in pastels. I am so envious of your boot collection. You're beautiful.


  2. oh my oh my! Disneyland. Take me! Take me! I want to go to our Disney World SOOO bad!

  3. Those dark jeans look perfect with the light blue sweater and all your little photos are so cute!


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