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Top: Cotton On
Cardigan: Wet Seal
Leggings: Head Over Heels
Shoes: Wet Seal
Necklace: Forever 21
This week started out kind of rough, by week I mean the actual work week, since I start work on Tuesdays I still tend to get a case of the Mondays. Tuesday can't disguise itself as much at it seems to sound nicer than Monday.
It was one of those days where trivial things pile up and make you feel ultimately defeated by the end of the day. Mine started with the dumbest of dumb things: the new dress I bought didn't fit like I wanted it too, not important really but I ended up needing to rush around the house finding something else to wear. I ended up being a bit late for work which is frustrating for me because I've been working so hard on my punctuality and I've been doing great. The rest of the day was mostly spent battling anxiety, and if you know how anxiety is then you know that it's the worst. I just wanted to start the day over on a different foot or go back to bed completely. At the end of the day I just had to tell myself to make the next day better.
Yesterday was better, I just needed to take Stella to the vet for her rabies shot. I also had the vet look at her leg because she has been randomly limping. She hates car rides, they make her so nervous, so I felt like a jerk making her go all the way to a new place. I've kept her too sheltered I think, because she get incredibly anxious around new people and new things. She was well behaved at the vet thankfully. Just scared. It didn't take long and she was definitely glad to be home after. I had to run to work after so I spent the entire day worrying about her, scared that she might have given herself a panic attack or had a bad reaction to the shot.
Also, might I add because it seemed to be a reoccurring event this week {see the post about my Sunday issues} that once I got to work my shoe broke. That was lovely. At least they were older and had some good wear in them. C'est la vie!

Today actually felt normal, which was nice. Work went smoothly despite it being insanely busy {I am not a fan of back-to-back calls...yuck} and luckily I had no wardrobe malfunctions.

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  1. I can help you with the anxiety through hypnosis, we will have to get together soon. Love you, Aunt Leesa


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