Chocolate Shakes, Emergency Dresses, and Basement Apartments

Scarf: Wet Seal
Top: Wet Seal
Dress: Ross
Shoes: Rue 21
I woke up Sunday morning feeling 100x less gross and 100% willing to spend time with my best friends. We decided on a dinner date at Red Robin where I felt like treating myself to a pretty large milkshake {which was delicious by the way}
All was fine and dandy until I realized why I had been feeling so sick the past few days, and no it is not pregnancy - it's quite the opposite of pregnancy. Let's just say I realized why I had been so sick while wearing white shorts. Get the gist? Ok then, I don't need to go into detail. We made an emergency pit-stop at Ross because it was literally the only thing open besides Wal Mart at 6:00 on a Sunday in Utah. Luckily I was able to get in there and grab this cute dress that was on clearance for only $8.
Awkward situation? Yes. Learn my lesson? Yes. Pay more attention to the calendar next time? Absolutely.
After our little adventure to Ross we got a tour of Crystal's new apartment! I'm thrilled for her, I think she'll really enjoy having her own space for once without two sisters or 7 other female roommates. {Disney College Program} It's a cute little one bedroom basement apartment that is her very own.
Side-note: Crazy to think that neither of us girls are living with parents anymore, it seems like not too long ago it's all we ever knew. Sometimes thinking about us making it to this part of adulthood freaks me out, but not in a bad way. It just hits me and I think "whoah I've been best friends with Crystal since we were 11 and we are now in our mid twenties...when did that happen?"

Since there is literally nothing exciting to do on a Sunday here we didn't have much else on our agenda. We drove around, talked, laughed and mainly enjoyed each others company which is completely fine with me. I don't see my friends as often as I used to so any time we can just get together is always good.

Awkward issue aside {which I'm fine with laughing about because I was dumb enough to not realize what cold have happened}Sunday was a pretty good day. I'm ready for the work week ahead of me!

Happy Monday friends!

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