Three things about Tuesday.

1.) A good way to clean your coffee maker is by using vinegar, but doing so will make your whole house smell like vinegar. That smell is awful and makes me want to puke. But hey, after a few cycles of just water I was finally able to have a nicely brewed cup of coffee.

2.) I didn't have to work until 5:00 today. Having all that time before a shift, you would think I would be smart and get ready early. You would think. One of these days I will learn how to give myself enough time so that I don't rush myself. Someday....

3.) I did not start my day out in these boots. In fact, I didn't even purchase THESE boots. Last week I went into a shoe store called Forever Young and they were having a sale on all boots. Buy One Get One Free! Crystal and I ended up getting one pair each and splitting the price. Today I decided to wear mine for the first time. They were similar, but had a wedge and more buckles than these. Anyway, not even 2 minutes into my shift and I look down to see that the zipper was completely split open. Luckily I work at the mall and was able to walk down to the store and swap the damaged ones for a new pair. Unfortunately they didn't have my size in the style I originally bought, which was disappointing, but they did have this cute pair that was the same color. I do like them a lot so it's ok!
Maybe it's karma telling me to stop shopping.

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