A Proud Wifey

As most of you may know my husband makes a living as a welder. It's something that just sort of fell into his lap a few years ago after he posted his resume online. He got hired on at this company and after a few months of getting the hang of the job he realized that it was something he loved doing and wanted to continue to do. He's spent the last 3 years at the same company now, with some ups and downs, he met his former roommate there as well as another good friend. The place wasn't the best, they were stingy with raises and he didn't get any type of benefits but it paid the bills and he had job security because of his seniority there.
However, a couple weeks ago a friend sent him a message about a job opening at a different welding company and he was asked to come out and do a weld test. Three days later he got a phone call asking him to start asap! This job will offer more money, better hours, better stability and he'll get benefits! It's something he's been wanting for awhile now but when he would browse for jobs nothing seemed to come up.

His first day is tomorrow and I'm so proud of him! I know it will be another stress reliever to know he's working somewhere more beneficial in many ways. Glad that this ended up working out with him because he deserves it, he is very talented and a very hard worker so they will be lucky to have him as an employee. And I'm so lucky to have such a talented, hard working husband!

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