January Curse

What I Wore 1-09-13
Sweater/Leggings/Boots/Necklace: Wet Seal {surprise surprise}

I despise January.
Not only is it freezing cold, but it's also the month of Christmas present returns and no shoppers.
My store has been insanely dead for the past week now. The poor customers who do come in are attacked by us like we're vultures. It's my job, but I always feel annoying when I ask the same customer 4 times if they're doing ok. I'm sure they want to punch me.

On a much darker side of that....I also hate January because I have never received good news.
Back in 2010 this was the month that we found out my grandma had cancer and not long after that my grandpa passed away from years and years of suffering with emphysema. It was the most devastating month of my whole life thus far. In 2011 Taran found out that his grandma was about to lose her battle with colon cancer, and that same month she passed. I was heartbroken for Taran and his family, and also crushed because I never got a chance to meet her.
Last year in 2012 I found out that my dear uncle Scott passed away after his long fight with HIV/AIDs. It was terrible because no one had heard from him in such a long time, and we found out long after he was actually gone. I was never super close to him, but he was a talented and good man and I'm still sad I never got to see him one last time.

This year, I hate to say, we discovered that chemo treatment is not working for my grandma. I'm not going to go too far into depth with this one because it's very hard on me. It's hard to even type this and think about it.
Today I also found out that cousin's grandma {her mom's mom...no relation to me} passed away this morning. I don't know much about her, but I know she's had diabetes and has been really sick for a really long time. Despite things that have happened and all the unresolved issues....all that aside, I am sad for them.

I'm sorry this post jumped from work related complaints to something so tragic, but to be honest with you my mind has been in tangles. Like chains of jewelry twisted together. I am having a hard time even forming my words together.
I will keep you all updated and if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask. I'll try to untangle my messy brain and make some sense of things.


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