Ice Storm

Boots/Leggings: Wet Seal | Top: Gordman's | Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Today it rained pure ice all day long. I should have packed some ice skates with me to skate my way into the mall because walking in boots almost caused me to fall and bust my tailbone. The roads were awful too, I heard about so many accidents on the freeway all day long. When I got home I had to hold on to my fence to get up the driveway because it was pure ice. I stood on my back step snapping some pictures of the icicles hanging from the roof and I broke one off and threw it in the snow. At least I tried to throw it in the snow, but it was so frozen that the snow broke the icicle. That's how cold it is here in good ol' Utah right now. Ugh.

I am so tired of the freezing bitter cold, I'm ready for Spring warmth, longer days, less layers.

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