Dumbday, Monday, Tuesday

Sundays are the worst days to work.
For starters I have to get out of bed when I would rather snuggle with my handsome fiance. The days I have off we usually just hang out in sweats and relax together all day long. But unfortunately some days I have to go spend 8 hours at the mall where all the customers are mean and messy. {Seriously though, is there a general rule somewhere that says: "if you go shopping on a Sunday don't forget to be an ass hole"?}
Another reason: it's literally all day. My shift is from 11-7 and since it's winter time I'm coming out of the mall to darkness every time. It's not so bad in the summer, but it still feels like I'm there allll day.

I mean, it's my job and it comes with expectations, one of them being working that occasional Sunday. It's really not a huge deal, and I'm getting paid so I really can't complain.
They just suck.
I'm sure anyone in retail would agree.

Next week though, I'm all about sweat pants and food and Netflix with Taran.

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