Thursday Things

  • My most favorite cookie Mrs. Fields has to offer. Chocolate chip with coconut and macadamia nuts. Yum. And since I'm a mall employee I can get a cookie and a large drink for only $2. Score.
  • Ever had a song get stuck in your head and stay there for the entire day? Oh yes, that would be this one that happened to me today. Normally when I get a song stuck in my head I'll jam to it, but I was at work all day and I couldn't. So I just doodled the lyrics and sang to myself on lunch.
  • Sunburned little brother. They had field day at school and it sounded like a blast! Tomorrow is his very last day as a kindergartener. Whoah.
  • One of my mom's oldest and best friends had her oldest son graduate from high school today! Tyler is such a sweet boy, and I'm so proud of him. It's crazy though because I still feel like he should be the little boy I remember seeing. I can't believe he's a high school graduate. Con'grads' Tyler!
  • Speaking of graduating, my other little bro is graduating from the 6th grade tomorrow. I'm glad I'll get to go watch with my mom {I told him I'd cheer really loud and embarrass him...he wasn't too fond of that idea ha!} I can't believe he's starting to grow up, and will be a teenager soon. Next year he'll start Jr. High and I don't know what to think of that! It freaks me out to see my brothers so grown up.
    Also: Stella felt left out and had to be included in the photo, haha.
Goodnight :)


  1. oh i want a cookie now! hungry!

  2. You have a nice blog :)
    I follow you!!!!!


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