A Big Life Update

So, I know it's been well over six months since I last posted on here. I kept thinking I wanted it to be a fashion blog, but I never ended up having the best quality of photos for it. Then I thought it could just be my personal blog but my life is not the most exciting one out here in the blogging world.
After thinking about it and being away for awhile I decided...who cares? This is my damn blog and it can be whatever I want it to be. Fashion, personal, silly, creative...whatever.
Updates are for me and the people who want to read them. Simple as that.

With that being said a lot has happened in life in the past, oh 7 or so months. I last blogged right before Taran and I were planning to house sit for my grandma, we ended up there for almost month. In that time I didn't have my own computer to blog from and I didn't end up coming all the way home {all the way...meaning, like, 15 minutes away} very often. I kinda forgot about the blog to be honest....
Summer was good, and okay...it's kind of hard to enjoy summer when your schedule is always conflicting. We didn't do much aside from go out for dessert on my birthday, the day after is mine and Taran's anniversary so for that we went to the zoo.

In early June I found out that my dad had been rushed to the hospital because he had a heart attack. It was pretty scary and I had to leave work to have my mom take me to see him. Luckily it was not as bad as it could have been and he was out of the hospital the next day. He's doing much better and has picked up a healthier lifestyle {aka he quit smoking. 7 months smoke free! Yay dad!}
We also found out that my grandma's cancer cell count went back up....summer wasn't the best season for us unfortunately.

I ended up getting a second job at another retail store, one that caters specifically to younger girls called Justice. It was nice working a lot between both jobs and getting some extra money. However, toward the end of June it was decided that it was time to leave my job at Charlotte Russe. I was sad to leave but I needed to part ways and find something new considering working two part time jobs wouldn't cut it for Taran and I financially. I ended up going back to work at my old job...Wet Seal. I always said I would never ever work there again, but when you need a job and you know the store manager, sometimes you need to give it a second chance. This time though, I wasn't working at the same store that I was at a couple years ago, I moved to a different mall where Steph got promoted as the store manager there. I got hired on as basically the same position I was in at Charlotte, still part time but I was keeping my eye open for full time potential jobs.

I've been back at Wet Seal for about six months now and it's going really great. It feels a lot different than when I worked there previously. I feel like I have better control of things and the way they flow. We have a really great team who works well together and knows what we're doing. Also, I really enjoy being in a different store, a bigger store.
I'm still at Justice too, but I only work there about once every two weeks. I really like it there but I think with the circumstances I might have to leave soon...

Fall was a blur really...mostly working, spending time with Taran and the besties whenever I could. Halloween was a blast and Taran and I went as Dexter and Debra Morgan from the show Dexter. Taran looked awesome!
Also I got to see Circa Survive again and I met Anthony Green again! It was amazing. This band never fails to disappoint me and Anthony continues to be my idol.

The past few months have also flown by...working a lot because of the holiday season. I absolutely despise holiday mall hours. It's silly for us to be there 3 hours earlier than normal because people don't even come shopping that early. But now everything is back to normal and it's a huge relief. I enjoy the holidays but working in retail does make you a bit bitter toward it all.

A few weeks ago my grandma asked Taran and I to house sit again for her while she spent Christmas out of town with family. My mom and I sat down and talked about some things and it was decided that she was going to end up moving out to my grandma's house with her, and Taran and I would live together in this house. It stressed me out at first because my grandma's health is declining and I assumed the worst. She explained how it was mostly for the fact that our house we're in now is too small for 4 people to live in. Which is true, I get frustrated because it's so tiny and I can hear everything from my mom talking on the phone to my brothers fighting. It's a perfect house for 2 people, which is why it's perfect for Taran and I.
While we were house sitting we talked about how we were going to redecorate and repaint and what we were going to do with the house. For Christmas my dad and stepmom Tonya spoiled us with gifts for our home. A crock pot, a coffee maker, a vacuum...etc. I am so grateful because doing all that alone was a big stress maker.

As of last week we finalized everything {for the most part} and my mom is going to be moving her stuff asap, so she should be moved in by February 1st. Taran is going to spend the rest of January at home since he did pay some bills for things he uses there with his roommate. Then once my mom gets settled with her things, Taran will start moving in here with me.

It's overwhelming and exciting, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. Obviously it was inevitable because we are getting married, but it's happening so fast that it's shocking! I can't wait to start fixing it up how we want because it will be our house. Taran is thrilled and can't stop talking about certain things he wants to fix up/remodel. This house is very old so it needs lots of work, but it's our project we can work on together and I am so happy!

Life is starting to fall together, despite some things dragging me down such as the worry about my grandma, money, planning our wedding....I feel like this is a huge step in getting our lives started. Together.

Hoping to remember this blog and update more often. Maybe with outfit posts, maybe with life posts or maybe just random stuff!

Keep an eye out :)

Now for pictures....highlights of 2012:

Last day in Disneyland {technically still 2011 but whatever}; Vegas with Travis and Crystal...got to see Celine Dion live!; Anthony Green's solo tour, Trip to Fallon to see Randi with Crystal and Jerrica; my birthday celebration at The Melting Pot with my favorite people; went to a car show/fair with Taran, mom and my brothers

The girls from work and I all participated in the Color Run! It was so much fun; my coworker Harmony was in a pageant and we all went to cheer her on. She was great!; Celebrated the birthdays of my two besties in the world; saw Circa Survive and met Anthony Green!! Still excited about that; me and the girls Disneybound-ed for work on Halloween. I was Snow White and they went as Dopey and Grumpy; Travis, Crystal, Jerrica Brittan and I went to see The Scarlet Pimpernel. Amazing show, I love it. 

Halloween! Taran made the perfect Dexter; Thanksgiving day spent with the love of my life; Randi came to visit and unfortunately she was so busy we didn't get a chance to get together. I did get to pop by and see her and little Ben before they left though! Miss those faces so much; my best friend Jerrica graduated from college with a bachelor degree in Journalism. She worked her butt off and I'm so happy for her; Taran showing off all our Christmas presents from my dad. Waffle maker, vacuum, crock pot, coffee pot....; my crazy coworkers leg wrestling at our work Christmas party. Ugly Sweaters, white elephant gifts, secret Santa gifts, we did it all :)


  1. first of all can i just say how much i love the opening paragraph. damn straight you should post whatever you want!! so sorry to hear about your dad and your grandmas declining health - i hope you and your family are doing ok.

  2. YAY you're BACK. I miss your blogs! And wow! coolest mom EVER to GIVE YOU A HOUSE. Congrats girly--you deserve Happiness. :) love ya! xoxox


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