Romper:  Charlotte Russe | Shoes: Ross
Don't you love that my little pup wanted to join me? She's fashionable too.

Some days you just need to vent. Whether it's over life in general or over little things.
That's where I am today. Just little things that made me shake my head in disbelief, laugh and use my blog to bitch it out.

So, this one is for the jerk that almost rear ended me this morning, and then had the nerve to look at me like I was the dumb one! Listen here sir, you just made an illegal left turn and I know that for a fact because I had to pay a $90 ticket for doing the same thing awhile ago. Clearly you are not the only person that has somewhere to be. Do it properly and save yourself from causing an accident. Thanks.

And this one is to the girls who treat us badly when they go shopping. You're no better than me just because I'm here to help you. I'm a person too. Thanks.

Another one for the customer who got mad because we have policies and we follow them strictly. You had 30 days to return your items, I don't care if you are a day late. I'm not losing my job because you didn't want your clothes anymore. Thanks

Oh, and one more for myself for not wearing some shorts underneath this romper. Whoops, it's a lot shorter than I thought and I'm glad the time I realized that was when I was bent over in the back room, away from customers. Note to self for next time!

I feel better now. :)
I hope everyone had a good Wednesday! All ranting aside, I had a really good day.

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