Stress Reliever

Shoes/Jeans/Scarf: Charlotte Russe | Top: Wet Seal
Since my life has been getting frustrating lately, I wanted to hear what you all do in times of stress? What is your go-to mood enhancer? How much better do you feel after?
Here are a few of mine.
  • Sleeping.
    I know it's not the healthiest, but if I could just nap away a problem for the time being it usually helps me deal with it better afterwards.
  • Crafting.
    It takes my mind of my problem and helps me relax. I'll scrapbook, make cards or create something new.
  • Coffee.
    All kinds. Hot or cold. It just makes me feel alright.
  • Circa Survive.
    Their music is my favorite thing for any mood any time of the day, but something about cranking it up when I'm feeling down or stressed just helps make things not suck so much.
  • Kissing.
    Don't act surprised, have you seen my fiance? Yeah, any chance to get some loving from him makes me feel much better.
  • Shopping.
    No need to explain there.
  • Creating outfits.
    Whether it's just goofing around online, or when I'm at work. I love putting stuff together to create a cute look. Re-doing mannequins to wear whatever I want makes my day. It's another way I can just be creative and relax.
I have a tendency to stress out easily, but luckily I've found some things to calm my nerves.
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Have a wonderful day :)

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