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I took such a long break from blogging, now that I'm back I see that most of the girls I follow are pregnant! Congratulations to all of them, even though they won't read this.
Pregnancy is definitely something that is something I will worry about in the far far future. I'm excited to have a family one day, but I can barely take care of myself, there is no way I can have a child any time soon.
Once Taran and I get married I'd like to focus on us for quite awhile before expanding our family. I think it's fair to have hubby and wife selfish time while you're still young.

My future has been on my mind a lot lately. Since I've felt like I'm in such a rut it's definitely taken a toll on me and dragged me down.
I'm going to be 23 in less than 2 months and I feel stuck.
I frustrate myself because I feel like I should be doing something more, but I don't know what. Here I am working in the same building for almost 5 years now, hoping to start a career in what I'm doing. But what if hoping isn't enough? It probably isn't.
Taran stumbled into his job, and now that is his career. He found what he loved doing by accident and he is really good at it.
Not to sound cynical and negative, but there's not a lot that I feel like I am good at besides the job I have now. Sure, you can tell me it's a silly job and anyone can do it because it may be true.

Currently I'm battling with myself, over what the hell I'm going to do and how the hell I'm going to be a wife when I feel so stuck by myself.

Now, despite all this, I am very happy.
I am blessed with a wonderful family, wonderful friends and a wonderful fiance.

I guess I'm just in funk.

Stay tuned, I'm going to figure this all out.

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