Food poisoning and Football

Yesterday my baby brother turned 6. We were all supposed to go eat, then have cake and ice cream for him. Unfortunately I woke up yesterday morning and my stomach did not want to indulge in any of those plans. I was so sick, and ended up just spending the entire day in my bed. I'm thinking what got me was food poisoning, because I've never felt sick that certain way before. Also; all I ate the day before was beef teriyaki from the food court.
Basically I was miserable all day and I missed out on celebrating Gentry's birthday. Which sucks, because he didn't have school and I actually had the night off.

Isn't he the most adorable 6 year old though?

Luckily I'm feeling a lot better today. I haven't had much of an appetite, but I don't feel like my stomach is going to turn itself inside out.
I also have to thank my sweet fiance for getting me a bucket in case I had to puke and for snuggling with me while rubbing my tummy. I am so grateful for this guy.

And with that I'll just say that I do not understand football.
Mom and Taran are sitting here watching the Broncos/Patriots game and it's going right over my head.
My mom is a huge football fan and she tries to explain it, but it's a lot to take. 
Maybe one day I'll make her proud and cheer with her ;P

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