He is an angel sent from heaven to deliver Platinum Records unto us.

Last week I received a text message from my best friend Crystal. The conversation went a little bit like this:

Crystal: Hey can I dibs you for next Saturday? The 13th?
Me: Sure! For what?
Me: UM. YEAH!!!

That was basically all it took! She had ended up buying the tickets spur of the moment and asked me to go with her, her treat. Seriously, is your best friend as awesome as mine? I didn't think so. 
On Saturday Crystal picked me up from work and we headed to Salt Lake City. I was so excited! My mom had seen him live when he came to Utah the last time and she said he was amazing. And that he would not disappoint.
We got there and hit the merch table, trying to avoid the mob of crazy women {no joke}. I bought my mom a coffee mug and myself a program.
Luckily once we got to our seats we didn't have a long wait for the show started.

Let me just say...if you think Josh Groban sounds nice through your speakers, you should hear him live. Incredible.
I don't understand how that voice comes out of that guy, but boy am I glad it does! He is truly amazing, and he has the best personality which just makes him that much better. He's hilarious and had us cracking up the whole time.
There was this marquee going around the arena before the show telling people that they could text a question in and Josh would answer them during the show. One question was about his dog, one was about clouds {haha} and the last one someone asked him if he would sing some of the Kanye tweets live. If you haven't seen that video it is a must. So. Funny. I was thrilled that he sang a couple of them, and I was rolling!

His encore song was You Raise Me Up and I called my mom to let her listen to it, since it is one of her very favorites.

After the show Crystal and I went to In-N-Out Burger and bought her dinner. {How could I not? She is so great}

It was a wonderful night and I'm so grateful I got to spend it with my very best friend. Love you CC Magee! ;)

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