Telescope Eyes

Please don't make me cry,
Please don't make me cry,
I'm just like you I know you know,
I'm just like you so leave me alone
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Life has felt chaotic lately.
Mostly I just feel like I can't sit still for a minute to breathe.
And it's not that I'm constantly busy, because I'm not.

Today at work I was looking at the calender and I realized that this month has felt so long. I feel like my birthday and anniversary were so long ago. I feel like I was promoted months ago. The fact that one of the managers just walked out on her job, and then when my manager was debating between quitting or not. It felt like it all happened way longer than just a few weeks.
But it's all been July.
I feel like this month has just made me tired. I feel run down.

I know it's not going to change for a while though. There's just a lot happening at work, at home.
I'm not going to complain though, life is going great. I'm in a happy place and I'm loving the direction I'm going in. I am really grateful for all the things life has given me, so when I get stressed and start to feel run down I start to wonder what it is.
Then I realize:

I'm extremely empathetic and compassionate.
I take on other people's stresses as if their my own.
Mostly just people closest to me, like my mom and Taran. So, when they're stressed I stress for them. If they're sad, I'm sad too. If they're mad, I am mad. 
The past few weeks I've watched my mom bite her tongue and deal with a very unpleasant situation. She is so strong and wouldn't feel so silence unless it was for someone she really loved.
Also Taran has stressed about money for weeks. He is so sweet and caring and he worries about how I will feel about him being financially rocky. He doesn't like to show his stress, but I can see it. But he knows I don't care about money, the struggles aren't forever and he always has me.

It's funny how feeling stress can be so exhausting.

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