what. a. day.

This is how I look after a long long day. But on the bright side, I got that shirt for only $4 at Rue 21. And my purple hair is awesome.

Today is Wednesday and not Thursday...but I have some awkward and awesomes for today that I just have to write about. Mostly awkwards....oy vey.

  • Driving around the mall parking lot like an idiot because they're re-paving my side of it. I had no idea where I was supposed to go so I probably looked real dumb flipping around and turning.
  • Dropping almost everything all day. Have you ever dropped a flat piece of metal on tile? It's not that easy to pick up, so the person waiting for a dressing room has to watch you try and pick up the stupid number 5 so I can hang it on their door.
  • Opening a fitting room for a lady that just wanted to find a necklace to match a top she bought at another store. Then turning around to open another fitting room for someone and opening the door that I had JUST put that lady in. OOPS! I felt like a jackass. I apologized like 50 times :s
  • Feeling like a huge creeper introducing myself to Ana. "Um...what's your name? I follow your blog" ha! I think I could have started that off a little better. Damn my shyness when it comes to new people.
  • Sending my sales associate upstairs to get me food {I was the only manager on duty so I couldn't leave the store} and her telling me over the headset that my card declined. Neat. I had to call my mom and have her put some money in my account...ishk. Is it pay day yet?
  • Looking like I had been crying all day because I didn't wear any eyeliner. That sounds weird, but I feel like I really need eyeliner or I look washed out. Which I did today. 
  • Moving like a snail all day long because of the monstrous migraine I had. That's more sucky than awkward actually....it was terrible. I felt like I couldn't do anything and it was making my eyes water that's how bad it was hurting.
  • My zipper being down for about 5 hours of my shift. Thank goodness I had a long tank covering it.
  •  Meeting Ana from Sweet Serendipity! I knew she lived in Utah, but I didn't know she was so close to me! Despite the awkwardness from me, I'm glad I spoke up and mentioned her blog {btw Ana you looked lovely I'm sorry I looked awful haha!}
  • My sweet sweet boyfriend coming in to bring me some migraine medicine and Dr. Pepper. He was still in his work clothes and hurried to bring me some stuff before changing/showering. I love that smelly welder hahaha. He really makes me smile, especially when I need it.
Yeah I know how negative this looks...but really it was just one of those days! At least I can laugh about it!
But now I need to get my bum to bed because I'm exhausted and I have to be back at work at 8AM!

Goodnight bloggers <3

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