Christmas came and went! It's funny how much the season builds and builds up and then it's over in a day.
This year was wonderful, I got to spend time with my family and my amazing boyfriend. Santa made it to our house and brought my little brothers some fun toys! It makes me miss being a little kid...
Quade got some cool books, video games and movies. Gentry got lots of toys and games to play with. Taran even got a visit from St. Nick ;) haha. He got some clothes and a really cool book about muscle cars!
I got some awesome things, and I was actually surprised by most things this year! {Normally I just pick out what I want and then my mom does Santa and I pretend to be surprised Christmas morning...for the sake of the little ones}
After we finished opening presents Taran and I cuddled up and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and ended up falling asleep. We took a nice snuggly nap together and when we woke up we got ready to head over to my dad's house to see everyone!
I feel so spoiled by my dad and stepmom and I love every single thing I got! It's tough for me to pick out things for them because of money and because there are so many of them! My dad, stepmom, 3 stepsisters and my brother Bailey, so I ended up buying them a family gift to share which was a fun board game called Scribblish! I'm excited for them to play it and I'm excited to join!
My dad got this awesome drum kit called and Octapad...it is amazing! Especially for big drummers like my dad {and Taran! (; } he showed us all the fun sets it has programmed in it and how you can mix and match to make your own set. It has stuff like a cowbell, bongo...etc. Taran and my dad had a bonding moment over it and he let Taran mess around and play with it. Now I know what to start saving up for! Those things are neat but expensive! Ha! :)

We got home from my dad's house and decided to just relax because we were worn out. We had leftovers and played with some of our fun stuff, then put in The Vampire Diaries and started watching it. {My boyfriend is the greatest...he'll watch anything with me and not even say a word about it. And he actually started getting sucked in to the show. He says "Damon's a douche bag!" and I say "I know, but he grows on you" he's adorable and love that he shows interest in dorky things that I love!}

Sunday we just hung out and were lazy all day! We had to run to Wal Mart for a phone charger for Taran, and were planning on driving to Tooele to visit his family but the weather decided to be a day late and dump the Christmas blizzard on us the day after Christmas! So we just hung around and watched more Vampire Diaries....eventually we went to get breakfast burritos and we went back to Wal Mart to pick up his present from his mom. She sent him $100 from MN to pick up here in UT! I had no idea you could do that without a bank account or anything...you just fill out a paper at Wal Mart and they ask you for a security code and then they hand over the cash! Pretty sweet!!

All in all Christmas was splendid. I got to spend the entire weekend around people I love and especially around the love of my life. Thanks to everyone for the gifts, and I love everyone dearly!

Now for some pictures!

Gifts from "Santa"!
  1. Lots of fashions I picked out while I still had my job! Haha
  2. A book about the history of fashion from the 1800s to the present day. Very cool and interesting
  3. Craft accessories to go with #4
  4. Slice machine for crafting! It is so cool and I'm sooo excited to start using it! It's kind of like a Cricut but a bit different. I'm going to have a blast with it!
  5. Shoes to go with fashions
  6. Jewelry!
  7. Carrying cases for the Slice machine
Gifts from Taran!
  1.  Awesome canvas pictures to hang...so excited to have my own place someday to be able to do a whole theme with these!
  2. Gorgeous little owl necklace that I am absolutely in love with. {Bigger picture on the left}
  3. Dane Cook: ISolated INcident DVD. I haven't seen this one yet so I'm super excited about it!!
Gifts from Dad/Stepmom!
  1.  Gorgeous blanket! Super soft too!
  2. Scrapbook kit
  3. Scrapbook accessory kit...it has SO much stuff inside! So excited!
  4. Plushy comfy socks
  5. Sweats set from Aeropostale :)
  6. Six books of cardstock! Holy crap I'm so so so excited to use these...paper is like my most favorite :)
  7. Pajama set
  8. Ed Hardy lotion...smells so yummy
  9. Handmade scarf made by Tonya! She did so well and I absolutely love turquoise and brown together. She made one for everybody...15 total! Go Tonya!

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