When boyfriend is behind the camera...

The whole outfit is from Wet Seal so I shouldn't bother tagging - ha!

He makes me laugh the whole time and tells me: "give me smoldering" "now give me angry!" "now give me something different" ha! What a dork. So this was the best I got out of that little "shoot". Also the dog wanted attention and kept jumping on Taran while he tried to take pictures. {Notice the dog butt in the second picture? Haha!}
These pictures are actually from Saturday, but I didn't get a chance to upload them or blog about it. I got a text from one of my managers Friday night that said 'everyone wear a graphic tee on Saturday!' 
 I don't have many graphic tees that aren't Harry Potter or band tees, but I do have this bird one that I am absolutely in love with. Unfortunately I was pretty much the only person to wear a graphic tee! Maybe 2 other girls did. But it's ok because I've been wanting to wear this outfit for awhile now.

So on Sunday, boyfriend, the besties and I decided to bring out our inner child. We all went to lunch at Olive Garden and then afterward we bought chalk and bubbles and went to a local park.
I had a blast! I miss being that age where you could spend hours drawing with chalk and playing on swings. It was so much fun to do it with all my best friends, and to laugh our bums off without worrying about work or school or bills or anything!
I suggest taking some time to relive your childhood days and do something fun like that. I'm looking forward to warm summer days that we can do something like this again....maybe, just maybe I'll bust out the Barbies sometime. 

Aren't we just adorable? This is my new favorite picture!
Travis and I climbing up the ladder to the slide!
Taran swinging, ahaha I love it!
Oh yeah, I draw Harry Potter art.
Taran drew all the planets, here is his sun
Travis drew Mario themed things, and Crystal drew Hedwig the owl above
My sweet boy :)
Taran, me, Travis and Katie {Crystal took the pic} here's all of us showing off our art!

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  1. aww, love that first pic of you guys, SO adorable!! And that's too funny that your guy gives you posing suggestions... mines no longer allowed. ;-) Hope you're having a fantastic Thursday hun. xx veronika


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