Bridge of Light

When I was in 8th grade I got my braces off after a year and a half of having them off. After they were taken off I was given a retainer to wear until I turned 18. The reason for the retainer was because one of my front teeth never grew in, so it had a false attached to it. I got told that when I was 18, after my teeth had finally settled permanently, I could get an implant. 
Well, I turned 18 seven years ago and I have yet to get an implant. The reason is simply because its insanely expensive. Since I have yet to scrounge up $3,000 for a tooth I've had to stick to the retainer since 8th grade. 
That's twelve years.
Needless to say I've been very self conscious about it for those past twelve years. I don't look my age because all you see is metal when I smile. I hate it, but at the same time I won't go out in public without it because I don't have a tooth!
All I've ever heard about is the implant. In the last twelve years of wearing this stupid retainer nobody ever told me about a Maryland bridge.
Until I got my root canal.

When I spoke to this new dentist he gave me multiple options instead of the implant. For the first time I actually heard of something other than what I was stuck with.
We discussed the pros and cons of the bridge and came to the decision that it would be the best option for me until I can afford the actual permanent implant. 
For the remainder of my appointment he took a mold of my teeth and set up the time for me to come back. It was supposed to be a two week process for the bridge to be made so they scheduled me 3 weeks away so that it would be 100% ready for me.

Yesterday I got a phone call saying it was done early. I'm going in tomorrow to get in put in.

I don't know if anyone really understands what this is like but I am so unbelievably excited. This is something that has held me back and dented my confidence since I was 13 years old. I've hate smiling, I've hated telling people why I still wear a retainer, I've hated correcting people when they guess my age. It's been nothing but a pain and it's finally going to be gone tomorrow. 

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