Booties and cookies

The problem with having a big butt is that it makes mini skirts extra mini. It's not too bad in the winter when I can wear tights, but wearing tights when it's 80 degrees outside is not an option. I ended up needing to put on a pair of shorts to go under this skirt because otherwise the world would have gotten a peep show all day.

I got to have a girls night with Crystal and Jerrica today. I made Root Beer Float cookies, Crystal brought pizza and we played Cards Against Humanity while watching America's Next Top Model reruns. I'm so glad we were able to plan it, I had a lot of fun. Those girls make me feel a lot better! It's so hard for us to get together nowadays what with all our weird schedules and the fact that we don't live down the street from each other anymore. I miss being able to have craft nights, or grab lunch, or go to the park whenever we wanted to. Being grown ups with careers and college and husbands makes life a lot more busy. They leave to go visit Randi on Saturday for the weekend in California. I'm pretty sad that I can't join them, but I simply couldn't budget it. Hopefully I can see her soon though, I really miss her.

Top: Thrifted
Vest/Skirt/Shoes: Wet Seal

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