Skirt: Charlotte Russe | Boots/Top/Jacket: Wet Seal | Earrings: Gift

Can I just say I love being able to look outside and not see snow? It really makes my day 10x better just to know it's not freezing anymore.
I was finally able to bust out a skirt that showed my legs {after finally shaving them....that was scary} and it feels great!
Some stuff came up at work today so I ended up needing to work a split-shift. I go back in at 5, which is fine because I was able to come home for a couple hours and hang out with my hubby! We went to Winger's for lunch, and even though they messed up my order, it was yummy. When we got home I "forced" him to take some pictures for me....it just works a lot better than my dumb self timer. He thinks he's funny and he took pictures of his shoe, the top of the tree, just my hand...stuff like that. Dork. Little does he know, I actually really liked the one of just my skirt. He's a pro and he doesn't even know.
But then he says "give me a smoulder" and I laugh a lot so I think the pictures turn out cute, even if he throws a little temper tantrum when I ask him to take them ;)

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