Month 1

We've officially been married for one month now. March flew by, and between me going to Nevada to visit Randi and Taran working a lot it's no wonder I'm shocked that it's already April.
Even though it's already been a month, not much has changed between us besides the fact that we each have an extra piece of jewelry to wear. I've gotten used to the word "husband" but I don't exactly feel like I'm somebody's "wife". Partially because I haven't had a chance to go get my driver's license or social security card changed, so nothing really screams "you are now Mrs. Griffith!" I'm hoping I can do that soon though, because I want to be able to sign things with my new name.

Sometimes it hits me though, when I hold Taran's hand and I feel his ring, I think "oh. I'm really married". When it does hit me I can't help but smile, I am so happy that Taran is my husband, that we are Mr and Mrs.

I'm not sure if being married was supposed to change anything, but it really hasn't, and I'm perfectly fine with that.
I'm still as lovestruck as I've been for 3 years, it just gets stronger every day.
I still can't cook. Although I'm learning.
I still have a shopping addiction. I've developed some self control though, which is a big step for me {haha.}
We still don't want kids yet.

Month 1 is down, and I can't wait for another, and another. Then for a year, and another year. And for the rest of our lives.

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