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Dress: Ross | Belt: Rue 21 | Boots: Charlotte Russe | Necklace: Vintage | Bracelet: Gift
 A couple of months ago my boss introduced an idea to our team called the Personal Stylist Program. We were able to launch at get started right away with our friends and family. It has turned into one of my favorite things. I've always enjoyed being creative with the product and making new outfits, but with the Personal Stylist program I actually get to help people with my outfits.
What the program entails is pretty much what it sounds like. A guest/customer sets up an appointment and we provide one associate to pick out 5 complete outfits; jewelry, shoes. layers, bags...the whole nine yards. You come in and your outfits are set and ready for you to try on! Your stylist will be there the whole time to help with size adjustments or opinions and we're always willing to help.
It really helps with people who are always unsure about 'piecing together the look' and how to mix and match styles. Also, it's good for girls who have a busy schedule and may not have time to actually try outfits on to see how they look.

I hope it helps girls gain more self confidence and feel more comfortable with how things look on their bodies. I definitely enjoy helping pick out an outfit that a customer just falls in love with. Honestly, if this could be my career...just styling...I would have no complaints. I'm sure I would absolutely love it.

Today I did a styling on my best friend and this was her second time. I helped another girl out recently who was looking for church clothes. I have a blast and I know the girls I've styled have had fun too.
It's one thing that I really enjoy doing and that I know I'm good at.

If you live in Utah and are curious for more information, shoot me an email or contact me through Facebook and we can talk more.
Or if you are reading this through my Facebook and you would be interested in having me style you, please send me a message and we can schedule you an appointment.

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  1. I'm the same way. I love showing a girl how one outfit that fits her well and flatters her can do wonders on her self confidence. We should be building each other up as girls! So good for you!

    ps. Thank you for your sweet comment about my pup, and I'm sorry to hear you had to rehome/say goodbye to yours. It's the hardest thing. Sending happy thoughts your way!


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