Thursday Things

  • I had to run some errands today and while I was driving past Starbucks I saw Crystal's car so I figured I'd go to the bank and after turn around and visit her. By the time I got back to Starbucks her car was gone and everyone said I had just missed her. Darn! But I bought myself a treat while I was there. Iced White Mocha. Yum!
  • Gentry and I took little Stella on a walk today. She freaks out and barks her little head off whenever we pass a house with dogs, or people. It's not that she's aggressive it's just a spoiled baby who never interacts or gets out of the house. When I took her yesterday she would flip out, start barking and practically choke herself trying to run and the entire walk was stressful. Today when we took her she still barked and tried to run, but she didn't completely flip out like yesterday. I think she's making progress and we just need to take her more often and get her lazy bum out of the house!
  • I went through my closet recently and attempted to sell some of it to Plato's Closet, but they are kind of a rip-off and they didn't give me crap for clothes that I hardly wore and were in perfectly good condition. In fact, most of the stuff they didn't even take. I decided I'd post photos of them on Facebook to try to sell them that way, instead of just giving them to a thrift store. I decided the money I make from it is going to go towards me getting my teeth fixed up. Luckily a friend was interested in quite a few items and I was able to send them to her and she sent me a check in return. Hopefully I can save enough to at least help with the cost of my much needed dental work.
  • My car has been acting funny, it stressed me out bad because Taran said it might be the fuel pump. Whatever it is, I know it's more money that I don't have. Ugh. So I went to my go-to venting place and tweeted about it. Later I get a text from my wonderful best friend Jerrica saying "Go look under your windshield wiper" and I found this sweet little note and $20. She didn't have to do that, but knowing that I have friends willing to help means the world to me. I feel so blessed.
  • Babysitting time. Gentry and I sat outside and drew pictures with chalk. He drew a pretty sweet unicorn {his looked better than mine} and a flower and an alien. I went with the usual 'I love Taran' and a sun. I love chalk.
  • After my stress out over my car {and other countless things} I decided to take a moment to myself and craft. It always calms my nerves and I can put my energy into creating something instead of getting upset. I used the box that the chalk came in and created a little piggy bank type thing. It's not done yet, but I'll use to to save whatever cash I get from spare change, selling clothes and pulling some extra cash out of each check. I think it'll be a good thing.

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