Good news!
I got a second job! It's just another retail job but a different setting and I'm only working as an associate, but who cares because it's a job. I'm pleased.
Once I get going and making some extra bucks I'm going to start saving up to get my teeth fixed. That is one issue that I want 110% out of the way before Taran and I get married.
Speaking of Taran, he has good news too. Last year he bought a Dodge Durango and not even 6 months later it completely broke down. After that he decided to trade his '66 Bel Air for a more reliable car to get him around and he found a guy willing to trade for his VW Jetta. About a month into driving that car something happened with the transmission and it completely broke down also.
For the next few months he wasn't driving anything and was trying to figure out bills before starting to fix the Durango.
Long story short, he used his tax return to buy a used car so that he could have something.
No problems with this car, thank God, it has been good to him for these past few months.
However; the time has finally come and Taran is getting the Durango fixed! Then once that is out of way and he is able to drive it he's going to get rid of the car and will finally be able to drive the car he has been paying on for almost a year now.

Basically, things are looking up. I'm going to start putting money away, Taran will have one less stress to worry about and we are also going to start looking at apartments.
I'm feeling pretty good about all of this!

Pretty soon we'll make it to this wedding thing ;)
Wish us luck.


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