I realized the other day that I haven't posted in almost 2 months. The reason for my hiatus is mainly the fact that it is holiday and I work in retail. Mall hours are ridiculous and I feel like I hardly get to see Taran or my friends, therefore blogging sort of got placed on the back burner.

Here I am though....with a big announcement, and the reason I'm back!


Yep, it's true! Taran popped the question! I am ecstatic and it still feels surreal, but it happened. I am getting married. It's something that the two of us have talked about for a long time, and here it is...finally happening.
I can't picture my life without him and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life by his side. I am truly so lucky.

Now I know you're all dying to know what and how it happened. I promised I would tell so here it is!

Last Saturday the two of us decided to go Christmas shopping and have dinner together. It's rare that we get to spend a full day together and I had the entire weekend off so I wanted to enjoy it with him. As we were doing some shopping we noticed that F.Y.E is going out of business, random yes, but it is the reason the ring happened.....just keep reading.
We decided to go the Ogden mall since I don't work there and I almost never go shopping there. It was crazy busy because Christmas is coming very soon, since we weren't in a rush for anything we just browsed around and enjoyed each others company. {Like always.} 
As we were getting toward the end of the mall we noticed one of the jewelry stores had giant yellow signs hung up stating that they were having a 'liquidation sale'. Thinking that it was another unfortunate business that was going under we decided to go in and take a look. One of the signs said "Up to 80% OFF!" - and marketing really works, because it drew us in and made us look. We found one case of rings that were gorgeous. Normally we just look around and then I point out what I like then we leave, so that was how I assumed it would happen. The next thing I know we're sitting down talking about a down-payment and costs, and lines of credit and then suddenly we were filling out paperwork to have our credit checked. It was happening....
However, the salesguy told us he wanted some more money for the down payment. Taran said that it was fine and he would have the money on Friday, then he would release the ring.
{Seriously you guys, it was like giving a child the coolest toy ever and then ripping it away from them. I was so sad!} 
It worked out for the best though, since Taran was kind of disappointed that I was there. I liked getting to pick it out though.
Anyway.......we left the store and I was in a daze. I couldn't believe he had just {somewhat} purchased a ring. We shopped around a bit more and then realized it was getting late and we were both exhausted. I had planned on us going to see Christmas lights but we ended up changing our mind and going home. For the next day he kept teasing me and saying that he should wait a couple months before proposing so it was more of a surprise. Honestly that would have possibly been the death of me!
Sunday night we planned on seeing the lights again, unfortunately we sadly had to bury our family dog. Our little toy poodle Belle had died earlier that day. My brothers were crushed and I felt completely drained, it was so so sad. We decided to just stay home and relax until I had to take Taran home.

I couldn't stop thinking about the ring and Monday night while I was at work Taran text me and asked which day I would be free this week to go see lights. Honestly I thought it was kind of odd and I was suspicious. Mainly because our schedules clash so much because mine isn't consistent and he works the same hours all the time. Because of that we only get to see each other for a good amount of time on the weekends, but occasionally when I don't work late I'll go over to his house and we'll watch a movie or something, just to get a chance to spend some time together. Normally though, it is me that initiates this, and he just agrees because I'm the one that has the weird schedule. So, when he asked me, I got a little curious.

Yesterday evening I picked him up and we went to the little Christmas village in Ogden. It was freezing and he kept saying that he wished it would snow a lot. We still enjoyed looking at all the little displays and twinkling lights, laughing at silly things that only we would get. After searching around for a spot to get some hot cocoa it finally started to snow. He mentioned that there was something 'new' in the village this year and that we should try to find it. Thinking nothing of it I agreed and we took another walk around the paths. I enjoyed the snow, it was beautiful and fitting for that moment. I would lift my head up and let the flakes fall onto my skin and sip my warm drink. We made it back to the beginning of the path near the place where we parked. When we first walked in I noticed a light statue that was a moose, I thought it was adorable and I pointed it out right away. It was a little bit off the path so we just saw it in passing, but on the way back Taran steered me over towards it wanting to 'look at it'. We stopped near the moose and some trees, the snow was falling, and he told me to look up at the snow. I gazed up and tried to catch some flakes on my tongue, not thinking about what was happening, just enjoying the atmosphere and being with the person I love.
I looked down and in Taran's hand was my ring.

Immediately I gasped and clapped a hand over my face and I could feel my eyes welling up with tears. He told me so many sweet things, but I was in shock and I can't remember the order in which he said them. He said: "I love you so much" "I want to spend the rest of my life with you" and "there will never be another you" then after a pause he said: "Bryana Weaver, will you marry me?"
{side note: typing this up and reliving it is giving me butterflies and making me teary eyed}
I, of course, said "YES!" and we kissed and hugged and told each other how much we loved each other...you know all that icky stuff. {Hehe
And there it was, the ring on my finger, my other hand intertwined with his and we left the beautiful twinkling lights engaged

Afterward he told me that he was so nervous. He didn't get down on one knee and I think it was because he was so nervous! I'm not sure why because he knew I would say yes! I guess he just wanted it to be perfect. He also said he was going to say that the proposal was the 'new thing' but he forgot out of nerves! He is adorable.

The whole thing was just how I had always envisioned it, romantic and intimate...just us two. It was absolutely perfect and I have never been happier.

Isn't my fiance just insanely handsome? :)

My beautiful ring!! It is perfect.
And to answer all your lingering questions:
  • No we haven't picked a date yet. I want a long engagement. I want time to find a place for the two of us and time to plan. I'm in no rush.
  • I want a spring/summer wedding, outdoors.
  • Yes, I already have a photographer. I had her picked even before I knew I was getting married.
  • Yes my parents highly approve. He is a winner!
 Thank you all for your sweet and kind words and for all the congratulations! I am so happy and I can't wait to marry this boy.
I will keep you updated on anything wedding related and I'll try not to slack on the blogging!

Much much love


  1. Congrats Bryana! That ring is very pretty. He sounds like a great guy...he'd better be to get you! :)

  2. Congrats Mrs. Griffith-to-be, hope he makes you insanely happy! <3

  3. what a sweet story! so exciting. he is a lucky man.


  4. Congrats! marriage is the best. : ) Enjoy the engagement my friend, it is such a special time.


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