Can't believe that Halloween is over now. It means that tomorrow is the beginning of November, and Christmas shoppers will be attacking retailers like rabid wolves. {If you think I'm exaggerating, work in retail for holiday, trust me ha!} Honestly though, I'm going to let myself have a good holiday season. I won't let work consume me and drive me crazy like I have in the past.

Speaking of work, I was there today and we all dressed up! I was not going to wear that gigantic wedding dress for 8 hours while trying to help customers so I did a little online research for something I could put together using things out of my own closet. After browsing for awhile I found something that I could definitely pull together.
Fishnets? Check.
Cut off shorts? Check.
Boots? Check.
Glitter? Check.
Bottle of Jack? Well, I didn't have that but you can get an idea.
Yep, I went as Ke$ha. I threw this costume together in about five minutes. It was funny, and crazy at the same time. I am not a fan of her's, in fact I'm kind of the opposite of a fan but tell me you've never heard "Tik-Tok" or seen her trashy face in tabloids. I got a laugh out of it and had fun drawing dollar signs all over myself.
Here's the full costume. Just keepin it sleazy.

We got to see all the cute little trick-or-treaters going around the mall, but I felt so bad telling them all that we didn't have any candy. My work said "no" to that, so it wasn't even my decision.
But I'm sure they're over it, kids aren't too heartbroken about those things for long.

Hope everyone had a happy and fun Halloween!

Melinda and I. She was a cat :)
Me and Macey...she was Poison Ivy
Me and Mariah, she was a vampire, but the poor thing couldn't get her fangs to stay on. She still looked awesome though!

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