This is Halloween

Well, it was a bit frustrating, but I finally figured out how to upload a template on here and made my blog look a bit more fun! I'm telling you, I am awful at editing things...HTML and I just do not get along. Plus I don't have a lot of patience when it comes to codes and things so I get frustrated easier. But it looks good for now right? I like it.

Is everyone ready for Halloween? It is definitely my favorite holiday and I wish there were more days in the year we could wear costumes. This year I struggled deciding on a costume, nothing really stood out and made me say "Yes! Winner!" I was tossing around the idea of being Snow White, while Taran was thinking of going as Dexter. After having a Tim Burton movie marathon one night the idea of a corpse-bride Beetlejuice couple type thing. I looked around costumes stores but all of the 'zombie bride' costumes were tacky and looked nothing like an actual bride. After debating for a little while I got the idea that we should just put together a dead bride and groom costume ourselves. I opted for the vintage Victorian style because I thought it would be a bit more eerie and fun. We went shopping and picked out some awesome things, including a real bridal gown from the thrift store! I was so pleased.
Last Saturday we got to put our costumes on for the first time and go to a party with people from his work. It was so much fun getting ready and seeing the final product. {And I won't lie, it was pretty fun destroying our costumes with Trevor's hunting knife-ha!}
We got a lot of compliments on it and everyone asked "are you from Beetlejuice or something?" I knew going in a Tim Burton-esque direction would work out.

We're going to another party this Saturday and we get to look this awesome for a second time.
Taran, me and Trevor {Taran's co-worker and roommate} who went as GI Joe
Taran got his pants, button up, and jacket at Saver's; his bow tie and top hat were from their Halloween selection. The vest was from a costume store {you'd be surprised how hard it was to find a regular vest that wasn't full price. Impossible}
My dress was also from Saver's, the gloves were from Claire's and the veil was from Icing. Roses from Wal Mart wrapped with crafting ribbon I already had.
Cameo pin is my mom's and she let me wear it to pull the whole look together. Thanks mom!

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  1. rat your hair huge on sat. ;) like you've been layin in the ground woman. you two look like an amazing hotmess. :)


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