Top/Cardigan: Wet Seal | Shorts: Charlotte Russe | Boots: Rue 21

Jewelry from Charlotte Russe
If they invented some type of plastic surgery to elongate your spine and stretch your torso, I would probably do it.
Actually I probably wouldn't do any type of plastic surgery if I'm being honest...
But while I'm on the subject of torsos I'll talk about mine. It's short! Don't get me wrong, I am ok with my body, it could be worse...and I'm lucky to even have all my limbs, no matter how short they are. The problem with having such a short torso is that everything is SO long on me. I layered 2 camis under this button up today and the first half of my shift it was over my shorts, but bunched up at my stomach because if I pulled it down tight you wouldn't even see my shorts. Then I thought I would try tucking them into my shorts, but that caused them to bunch up around my butt and look worse!
Mainly I just get a little disheartened when an outfit doesn't look like the mannequin or model when I try it on because they are long everywhere. Lets, arms, torso....etc. I don't complain about it too much because, like I said, it could be so much worse. The only thing that sucks is trying on a crop-top during this season and having it not actually crop on you.
I am proud of my petite-ness, and I like standing at only 5'2". It's just one of those things!

What are some things that you struggle with styling on your body?


  1. Oh I think we all have those days where we hate something on our body. Sure happens a lot with me, I just try wearing what makes me feel good and fits my body you know?! I think you look adorable. I love the shorts with tights look.

  2. um this outfit is AMAZING! you look good always. :) where did you get them boots. I want them NOWZA.

  3. i'm retarded.. i just looked at your post again..and caught that you wrote where everything was from hahahaha. oh shit. im crazy.

  4. I'm a "petite pear" which nobody really has sympathy for b/c we are still petite. haha Basically I can't buy jeans b/c they are skin tight on my thighs and huge on my tiny waist. Lame. But you are so right! It could be worse! Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I really needed the encouragement this week, and I appreciate you sharing with me about your own struggles. Cheers to moving on and persevering! xo


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