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  {Warning: long post ahead}
As you may have noticed I took a little break from the blogging world. I felt like I had a lot going on and keeping up with this was just one more thing that I didn't need to focus on. I feel like blogging takes me forever to actually get done and I haven't been on the internet for more than 5 minutes in about a week. I get distracted easily and flip through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and anything else while I type up my blog!
But I'm back, and I probably won't take a long break like that again. I know I'm not an every-single-day updater, but I'll work on more than once a week ;)

Updates on life:
-I finished my training for work, and I was a nervous wreck the morning I had to open alone. It actually went very well and I was pleased. So far I haven't had any problems myself, but we have had problems and drama in the store. One of my coworkers walked out on her job, and we had a few other irresponsible people cause stress. These next couple of weeks are going to be pretty stressful, but luckily I'm a strong worker and I know what I'm doing.

-Taran and I spent a day at the aquarium and going on an adventure away from our city. Such fun.

- My birthday was on July 1st and I had such a lovely day! Taran came over Thursday night and stayed up till midnight to tell me "happy birthday". We woke up the next morning and had to babysit for a while because my grandma had chemo that day. {Unfortunate that it was on my birthday, but her health is more important anyway.} The plan for the evening was for everyone to get all dressed up and go have dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. My sweet boyfriend doesn't own anything dressy or fancy so he wanted to run to Ross and see if he could find anything, just for my birthday. We got to Ross for pants, a shirt and socks then swung by Saver's for a pair of fantastic shoes {for only $6! Score!} and made it home in about an hour. We make a good bargain shopping team. We got home and got ready to go, I was so excited to finally get to wear my cute dress! And can I just take a second to talk about how amazing my man looks all dressed up? I mean damn, he's always handsome but when he takes it to the fancy level I feel like I'm going to drool all over.
The restaurant is about an hour away so we had to leave earlier than normal, and luckily I didn't get pulled over because my car isn't registered! {Oops!} We met everyone there and Jerrica greeted me with an awesome crown to wear. I adore my friends.
Dinner was delicious, my drink was yummy, and the cheesecake was to die for. If you've never eaten there I highly suggest you get your booty to the nearest one and enjoy! I opened presents from my lovely friends {2 pairs of earrings and scrapbook paper from Jerr; Urban Decay eyeshadow pallet from Crystal} and the waiters all sang to me and decorated my plate in icing. I had such a great time, and I'm so glad I had my boyfriend and amazing friends there with me!

- Saturday the 2nd was mine and Taran's anniversary. Yes, it's the day after my birthday...it just happened that way! About a month prior he told me that he wanted us to hand make our gifts for each other. I wracked my brain for weeks trying to figure something out, and I knew he was already starting on his. I thought about making him a picture frame, or attempting to paint something. In the end I decided to make him a scrapbook with pages of quotes and little notes with a ton of pictures. I worked really hard on it and it was one project I actually finished! {I have trouble with staying on task with projects...ie: my NYC scrapbook that should have been done 4 years ago ;P }
He was adorable about his present and he wanted me to open it asap, so on our way to The Cheesecake Factory he made me open it. It was probably the most thoughtful and sweet thing anyone has ever made for me. Two metal birds with a heart in the middle, a T on one bird's wing and a B on the other. I almost cried, it was so sweet. Those of you that don't know, Taran is a welder and a damn talented one at that. He hand cut the metal, tacked it, welded it all together and painted it. I am speechless really! He did so so so good.
I wouldn't let him open my present until our actual anniversary, but I will forever have the memory of his reaction in my heart! He was so adorable and sincere about it. As he flipped through the pages he kept saying "this is so great, you are so good, I love it!" Could I possibly love him more than I do?
Financially we are struggling so we couldn't do anything to extravagant, but that is not important to me at all, I just wanted to spend the day with him. We packed a picnic and went to the park to relax and be together. It was very nice, and the weather was perfect! 
After our cute picnic we went to a party at my friend Steph's house. She had some people over for swimming and some drinks. It was very fun, and nice to get to hang out with my old coworkers! I miss those crazies!

-The 4th of July was okay....I woke up in a very mad mood and couldn't really shake it off throughout the day. I had to work from 12-7, which is pretty much all day so I missed any fun festivities. I didn't really mind though, I told them since I requested the whole weekend off that I would take the 4th shift...that's only fair.
After work Taran and I went with Jerrica to see fireworks with some other people, and Crystal met us there after work. Fireworks are one of my favorite parts of summer, so despite my semi-crappy day I'm glad I got to see them!

Other than this fun weekend life has been pretty much the same! Except it's very hard to go an entire year working 40 hours a week, to going 3 months unemployed, to working about 10 hours a week and then to suddenly work 30-35 again. It doesn't seem like it would, but it kicks you butt! I've been so tired and worn out, that's another reason I haven't felt much like blogging. 
Taran got switched from working swing shifts to day shifts so that means  I'll get to see him a lot more, which is never a complaint by me. He can come hang out on the days that I don't work nights, and we can go on mid-week dates. Sounds good to me :)

Hope all is well with you beautiful bloggers! Expect more updates from me!

My 22nd birthday!
Top L: My handsome handsome gorgeous sexy man! Top R: The whole group! Me, Crystal, Jerrica, Katie, Scott and Taran
Bottom L: Me, Jerrica, Crystal and Katie. Love my ladies so much Bottom R: birthday kisses from my boy!

Anniversary picnic
happy 1 year with the greatest boyfriend ever!
My amazing birds Taran made me for our anniversary. He worked so hard on them and it shows! He hand made everything!
My scrapbook I made Taran! I'm very very proud of it! {I'll post pictures of the pages next time!}

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  1. HAHAHA "Saturday the 2nd was mine and Taran's anniversary. Yes, it's the day after my birthday...it just happened that way!" yep... it JUST happened that way lol!!!!!
    Stephlaham :)


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