No meat! Big feet! I eat wood...

Ok, if anyone knows what that is from you get a big internet hug from me :)

Today my mom and I took all the kiddos, {Quade, Gentry and my cousins visiting from Colorado Aspynn and Emeri} to the Dinosaur Park! We usually go every year when the girls come to visit and it's pretty fun! They have trails you can take with big dinosaur statues all over. It was pretty hot though, I'm glad I chose to wear a dress and to pull my hair up. I'm glad Utah is finally catching up to the fact that it's not Winter anymore. Good job Utah, keep it up. 
My entire family are big cheeseballs so I got some fun pictures out of it!

We all had dinner after at La Puinta and it was delicious! Yum.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Me and mama!

Quade, me, Aspynn, Emeri, Gentry
Me, mom and Quade

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