Technology + Bryana = disaster

Yesterday at work I got into a fight with the printer. It yelled at me and told me there was a paper jam.
I calmly told the printer I would fix it and not to worry. I attempted to take out the paper tray, and it started yelling beeping at me. The screen was red and it said: REMOVE COVER TO FIX PAPER JAM.
And I told the printer that I wasn't sure what the "cover" was so I had to mess around with it. Every thing I opened caused it to freak out. My coworker was sitting on the floor with me trying to figure out how to get the stupid paper out.
After much beeping and frustration I may or may not have called the printer a few bad names, and given up on attempting to get my stupid nightly papers. All I had to do was sign the thing and go home, but I was there an extra half hour because once we figured out how to pull the paper from the jaws of death, it still wouldn't work.
Technology: 1 Bryana: 0

Case in point....I saved this photo facing straight, and when I uploaded it to Tumblr, AND the blog it was sideways. Really?
Technology: 2 Bryana: 0

And finally, I would really love to make my blog look fancy and have cool icons and all that jazz, but every single time I try to edit it and mess around with it....it looks like a 2 year old did the HTML.
Come one now...I fail.
Technology: 3 Bryana: 0

And they're all ganging up on me too....considering my TV broke the other day.
Technology: 4 Bryana: 0

I'm going to go off and feel defeated while I eat some Hot N' Spicy Cheez Its and watch the new Pretty Little Liars {hopefully mom's TV doesn't break on me.....*crosses fingers*}

Hope everyone had a lovely Tuesday and has a wonderful Wednesday!

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