This weekend and handling stress.

1. Went shopping with my awesome mama, she bought me this dress to wear for my birthday!
2. Work. New necklace that mom also bought me, I'm kind of in love with it :)
3. Saturday morning, rockin' the old man shoes. Taran bought me those for $5 at Ross
4. My mom planted that rose, like, last week and it's in full bloom. It's so lovely
5. Saturday night date night with boyfriend. He took me to Applebees, we walked around the mall and then later met up with Crystal and Jerrica for ice cream. {I didn't take a picture of my delicious coffee ice cream with Reese's Pieces. Boo.}
6. After ice cream we went thrift shopping. He finds his work clothes there and since they're second hand they're cheaper and he doesn't worry too much about getting them ruined. Because that happens a lot. He found this awesome John Bender coat and had to pose for me.
7. I came across this little skateboarding raisin guy and got a laugh out of it. Who would use that for decoration??
8. Sunday morning, I just love love love waking up to this handsome man :)
9. I got home from work and Taran had ordered dinner for us. He knew I was craving it and that I was kind of grumpy yesterday. {Thanks babe, you're the greatest}

Let me just start by saying I do an excellent job of stressing myself out. I'm probably the queen of over analyzing and frustrating myself.
The thing is, with me, when I want to do something that I have to learn I want to be able to just do it. For example: I took guitar lessons my Sophomore year of high school and it frustrated me a lot. I didn't like the fact that some things confused me, and I didn't give myself the chance to slow down and actually learn. I want to be able to look at something and be good at it.

This same thing is happening with my new position at work. When I was hired on I had to learn an entire new system, store, policy etc. and then once I got used to that I got promoted so now I'm learning more things.
Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity and I wouldn't take it back.
The problem is, if I mess up something, even though I'm in training, I kind of beat myself up.
I make myself nervous and anxious and stressed.

My very first day on my own is Friday and I'm going to take these next 3 days off work to relax and go over my notes. Hopefully that's all I need and by Friday I'll be more confident and less of a nervous wreck.

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