Tulips and the sniffles

Skirt/headband/earrings: Charlotte Russe | Boots/Top/Necklace: Wet Seal

My apologies for being the worst blogger.
This past week I've spent most of my time in bed, sadly. I woke up Saturday feeling terrible, and unfortunately had to work every day after feeling miserable. Taran is such a peach and stayed with me anyway, he lounged around and watched TV and took naps with me. He's the greatest ever.
I'm alright now, just that aftermath sickness where you wake up and you cough up a lung and your nose is stuffed. Colds are the worst ever because they take forever to go away!
When I wasn't laying in bed or working I wasn't doing much of anything else either, Tuesday Crystal Jerrica and I went to the Tulip Festival. We had been looking forward to it all year, and finally found a time that we could go together. Unfortunately it was extremely cold and windy and we weren't able to enjoy it as much as we would have liked. I'm pretty bummed about it too because I fought my sickness to go, I mean it was still fun but we mostly just walked around and then left....we didn't really stop and smell the flowers {ha.ha.}

I had another job interview, but I didn't hear back. The end.
{I'm pretty disappointed, I feel like I'm constantly kicking butt in interviews and then I never hear a word. What am I doing wrong?}

And now you can tell why I haven't updated in a week, because nothing exciting happened whatsoever!
But it's ok, at least I'm feeling better now and won't spend this week sleeping and watching reruns of Law & Order and Friends.

Oh and mother's day is tomorrow. My mom is basically the greatest in the entire world. And I'll have a whole post dedicated to her!

Oh and I liked my outfit today.
The end.
Bye! :)

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