Keys, interviews and some goals

Top: Charlotte Russe | Green tubetop: Rue 21 | Jeans: Wet Seal | Shoes: Thrifted | Necklace: F21

Aren't these shoes adorable? I got them for only $7 at Plato's Closet, completely unworn! The original tags were still attached and everything. I was pretty proud of them.
Yesterday was such a weird day, I didn't know whether to cry or just laugh. I went to work as normal, walked from my car into the mall and into my store, locked my things up in my locker and worked my whole shift. Normal right? As I was leaving the mall to go home I got to my car and realized I couldn't find my car key. Yes, just the one, most important key fell off the link {it wasn't even a real loop/link it was like a piece of wire that was already attached when I got the car at the dealership}
I'm assuming I dropped it on my way into the mall because I still had them in my hand along with my phone. I ran back to my store and checked my locker or anywhere else it could have gone. No luck.
I checked all the stores surrounding my store.  No luck.
I looked all over the floor in the hall. Nope.
I looked under cars I would have walked past. Nope.
So eventually I called mall security and asked them if they found it, they said they hadn't but they took my phone number and name just in case. I felt so so utterly stupid.
My mom had to come get me {bless her!} and she helped me look some more before we decided to just go home and figure it out in the morning.
Since my car only runs on a certain type of key, the ones that have the little anti-theft chip in them a spare wouldn't have worked. So I had leave my poor car at the mall overnight. I was so worried.

Today we got up and went to my dealership and they cut a new key for me. {For 60 stupid bucks! How lame?}
I still feel dumb about the whole situation, but lesson learned. If I had changed the key ring and took it off that little wire piece then I wouldn't have lost it.
Oh well, it's just something to laugh about now.

Also today I had another interview for a possible second job! Cross your fingers for me!

Lastly I'm going to set some goals for myself for May.
  1. Drink less Dr. Pepper {I feel like a drug addict!}
  2. Drink more water
  3. Stop staying up extremely late
  4. Stop sleeping all day just because I can
  5. Take Stella on more walks
I'm  going to try to stick to these goals because I have a tendency to fall back into my old ways when I try something. So I'll have to work really hard!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Bummer about the key! That is definitely something I would do. I'm amazed I haven't yet, knock on wood:-) And good May goals! Drinking more water is a great one. If you start carrying a water bottle around with you, it'll become 2nd nature fast! xoxo


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