Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

  • The way my outfit looked prior to putting my shirt on. Basically my tights go up past my belly button, and my jeans are low rise. Envision it, it's pretty funny.
  • Being really careful while applying my black eyeshadow and avoiding getting it all over underneath my eyes. Then seeing that I somehow got in underneath my nose. Darn.
  • Seeing girls I went to school with come into my store. I always assume they don't remember me, but I don't want to ask so I just pretend I don't know them. It's incredibly awkward.
  • Getting hit on by some random dude. He walks in the store, I greet him just like I'm supposed to and he says to me: "I just had to come in here and tell you that you look better than this whole store" Oh. Um...thanks. Flattering, but awkward nonetheless. 
  • Ordering at Rancheritos, where English is clearly not their first language. "Can I get a beef taco with just cheese" "Ok a fish taco with cheese?" "No no beef" ay yi yi
  • Pouring hot sauce out of the little plastic container and not paying attention to the fact that it's still slightly indented in from squeezing it. Thus making it 'pop' back to original shape and spray the hot sauce all over and of course directly into my eyeball. Ouch.
  • Yelling at my TV because The CW cut off the last 10 minutes of The Vampire Diaries. But seriously! I don't care about re-runs of That 70s Show! Hold on a minute and let me see what happens with Bonnie damn it.
  • Waking up next to my snuggly little puppy. She makes everything better I swear!
  • Having my hair do exactly what I wanted it to do and turn out perfect! This is a rare occasion because my hair is kind of a hot mess. Especially when it's the way it is now - large and in charge and in need of a trim!
  • My outfit today! Have you ever rocked tights underneath destroyed denim? It's very cute to see a little lace peeking under instead of skin. I feel like a rock star when I wear it.
  • Having time to myself before actually heading to work, since usually I'm rushing. I'm horrible at time management most days
  • Getting to have one of those days where I think "yes, I look good today." Ladies; it's ok to look in the mirror and like what you see :)
  • Mom sending me a video of my little brother singing along to The Yellow Submarine. Makes me a proud big sis!
  • Taran coming over after work tonight! 
  • Matthew Davis. 'Nuf said. Oh and he's also from Utah - represent!

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