Shower Games

I woke up today and saw the sun shining, so I decided to wear some crops and sandals.
However, looks are deceiving.
It's actually a lot colder outside than it looks, sadly. There was no snow or rain though so I can't complain! I just should have taken a jacket with me while I was out.

One of my best friends is having her baby shower this Saturday and Crystal and I are in charge of games. It was hard to try and find some fun games that weren't too tacky or dumb. I found a good website with a lot of variates so we got some good ideas out of that, and I think they'll be fun. Today Crystal, Jerrica and I went shopping to pick out some supplies for the games. We didn't have much luck but we did find some cute clothespins, and a game that I decided I'll just home make.
I'm pretty excited for her! I've never planned {or helped plan} a baby shower before, so hopefully it will go well.

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