It's a boy!

Jerrica, Crystal, Randi, Me and Katie
Isn't she adorable?
Randi and her husband Bill

Today was the day of Randi's shower! It went really well and I deem it a success! Last night I was up forever finishing up the games and I realized I'm so completely computer illiterate and if I had half a brain that knew anything about technology I would have gotten the games done a lot quicker. But alas I don't know how to use Word or Excell. "Esta bien" as Randi would say, I got it to work and that's all that matters!

First we played a game where everyone cuts off a piece of yarn and tries to guestimate how big Randi's belly is. I got 2nd place!
Then we played the Alphabet game, and Randi's mom was cracking me up because she thought she was winning, but she didn't read the directions right and she thought she had to write baby names not baby items. She is hilarious. After that we played the movie titles game where I played a bunch of songs that had "baby" or "babe" in the title and they had to guess the song title. {I just said title a lot in that one sentence!}

Randi opened all of her presents after we ate. She got a freaking ton of gifts! I'm so excited for her. I bought her a cute little onesie that has Chip and Dale on it {"Chip and Dip" as her mom calls them haha}
Also the girls and I pitched in and bought a big swing for him.

She's due in a month, or earlier, she thinks he'll be an early baby. I'm so excited for her and Bill! They will be great parents and I'm glad she got to have a shower and receive so many great gifts from people!

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