My foot is asleep as I type up this blog

First of all: it's extremely annoying and I'm shaking my foot around trying to wake it up. Don't you hate that? It's worse when you can feel it going up your whole leg.

Second: my camera battery is dead from all the Vegas-y, Gaga-y picture taking and I have yet to plug the darn thing in. So today's pictures come from a little self timer app on my iPhone. Good enough though right?

Third: I had a job interview today at DSW shoes. Every time I have an interview I feel like I kicked butt and nailed it, but I don't ever get called back. {What's the deal, yo? You all adore me in the interviews!} With Charlotte Russe I just got hired on the spot, so that was good. I'm hoping I get a phone call saying that I got this one too! It's lucky that they called me because I already planned on looking for a 2nd job now that I'm back from Vegas and things are calmed down. Also now that I feel settled at Charlotte. I would like to work toward finding a full time job instead of 2 part times, but I just have to go with the flow and work at the one I have now and hopefully a new one!

Oh and if you were wondering; my foot woke up. :)

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