Put your paws up little monsters!

I'm so sorry for the blogger's neglect lately, but listen to this:
I got to hang out with Taran on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today. That never happens! Usually it's just a weekend thing!! So I'm sure you'll all understand that I wanted to enjoy my time with my amazing boyfriend. Speaking of him, how did I get so lucky? I mean...sometimes I just think "holy crap I totally hit the jackpot with this dude!" he is so so so wonderful.

Also the other reason for my blogging hiatus is that I've been recovering from last week. Something about coming home from a vacation just makes me unbelievably tired. Like, I just wanted to curl up in a ball in my sweat pants and sleep and sleep. I also worked on Friday and went shopping for an outfit to wear Saturday.

What was Saturday you might ask? Why it was the Lady Gaga MonsterBall Tour!
Crystal and I bought our tickets LAST May and it seems like it's been for-ev-er, but the day finally came! I knew I wanted to dress up funky. {because come on, it's Lady Gaga} So I bought some turquoise and platinum blonde extensions, big bows to clip in my hair, false eyelashes, glitter mascara, a sequin-y top and a giant bow ring. Fun!
We drove to Salt Lake and got in line outside the Energy Solutions Arena The Delta Center {I've lived in Utah my whole life...they can't just change The Delta Center to something stupid that doesn't even sound like what it actually is. Dumb!}
We had General Admission tickets so we got in and decided to buy merch. first since it would be crazy after the show. I bought a "Born This Way" shirt with the tour cities on the back, Crystal bought the same one.

We got down to the floor met up with Becca and had a blast checking out everyone's amazing costumes. People went ALL out and I saw a lot of iconic outfits of Gaga's that people re-created. 
The Scissor Sisters opened - I had never heard of them before and I expected a girl group, but there were some guys in the bands too! The 2 main singers were a man and a woman. They were fun, and I enjoyed their performance even though I didn't know their music. I like their style.

After they were done we waited, and waited and, yes, waited some more for Gaga to come on. Her set was huge and I can see why it took them forever, but I was really getting impatient!
Finally the curtain opened and there she was in all her glory. 

That woman puts on a damn good show. I had so. much. fun. She is so fantastic, and she loves her fans so much. That's one thing that is so inspiring about her, she's passionate about her music and she's passionate about her fans too. She just wants them to be happy. At one point she was talking about how she wanted Born This Way to make it to No. 1 at least for only a week and now it's been No. 1 for about 5. She was saying how blessed she is and she almost started to cry!
She also talked about how growing up people always told her she wasn't going to go anywhere. They said she would never have a No. 1 single, or win a Grammy. 
Well she proved them wrong.

She's so talented. She sang Born This Way as a ballad while playing the piano {which was on fire o.O } and I honestly almost cried.

We were so close to the stage and I got some amazing pictures!
All in all it was probably one of the best concerts I've ever been to. ♥♥♥

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