A huka bar, a gay bar and being lazy

Saturday. Dress&Cardigan: WetSeal | Necklace: WalMart
Little Stella after her bath & after she shook dry about a dozen times!

I know what you're thinking - "what kind of blog title is that??"
Well, my friends that title just describes my whole weekend. And let me tell you, it was so much fun!

Friday my cousin Kisha asked me to go out to a club with her and our mutual friend Ashley along with a bunch of other people. I'm usually pretty antisocial but I decided to try and quit that and relax and go out!
Unfortunately the club we were going to go to was closed. Kind of disappointing because we were parked, and all ready to go. Plus we were supposed to be getting in for free, I guess it was just some sort of misunderstanding.
However, Kisha is buddies with one of the guys who works at the Huka Lounge so she gave him a call and we ended up going there instead and getting in there for free! Can't complain, right? It was really busy so we couldn't get a table or anything, but it was still way fun. It was "Reggae Night" so they had a live band playing and people were dancing. I'm not a big reggae fan honestly...{mostly because I'm not a pot head I think} but the band was good! We danced and talked and I'm glad I decided to get out of my little shell of being flakey and anti social and no fun.

Taran was at  my house when I got home and we hung out until we decided to sleep. He slept. I tossed and turned. All. Freakin'. Night. It really sucked because Taran and I were planning on going to The Festival of Colors the next day. {I have a sleeping disorder and I was all out of my sleeping pills. It's awful trying to sleep without them} Poor Taran woke up way before me and I wanted to get at least some sleep before starting the day. I finally did, but by the time I actually got up it was way too late to go to the festival.
Luckily we still had plans to go out for my friend and ex-boss Nasey for her birthday! Nasey wanted to go to a gay bar that she likes with a big group. Taran was reluctant to going {silly boys} but I assured him that Steph and her husband Kenan were going to be there too.
We ended up going and having so much fun! We sat at a table and basically watched everyone around us, it was funny to watch them all dance on the dance floor {funny because most of them were either drunk or they had absolutely NO rhythm haha}
I bought Nasey a hilarious card and Taran bought her some balloons that said "Happy F*#$%&! Birthday!"
{I'm slightly inappropriate. If you know me, that's no surprise...if you're a new reader....hi, I'm Bryana and I'm slightly inappropriate at times, but I'm a good person and I like my crazy life}

Sunday Taran and I just relaxed and watched movies, staying in sweats the whole time. It was so nice, usually we're running around trying to find something to do but for once we just chilled at home. We got some snacks and goofed around, it was great.

Unfortunately I was supposed to work at 7AM on Monday but I had to call in because when I woke up in the morning I was so nauseous and sick to my stomach that I couldn't even finish getting ready. I felt horrible for calling in, but I felt so yucky. I just slept all day and couldn't eat a thing.

Today I felt a bit better, but I still had that icky feeling.

I gave my dog a bath and watched about a million episodes of Law & Order.

Happy Tuesday!

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