Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

  • Scrubbin' around the house and being lazy, waiting until I get a phone call to actually get ready for the day.
  • Having no time to actually get ready, thus throwing my greasy hair into a weird kind-of ponytail thing. {It's not quite grown out enough to just pull it up...so it's like a half pulled and then the bottom half is pulled up and I tie it all together, so it pretends to be a regular ponytail.}
  • Almost getting hit 3 times in the same intersection on my way to work. That's more scary than awkward actually! Um, attention Utah driver in the mini-van: you can't just make your own lane...that's why there are white lines indicating there are 2 lanes. You can't just make a third!
  • The fact that I got pulled over at that very same intersection for an improper left turn, and yet everyone else seems to do it. Now that I follow the law I almost get rear ended daily! Frustrated much?
  • Rushing to apply lipstick. It just doesn't work that way folks, you gotta take your time, trust me.
  • Attempting to talk to Amy over the headset and thinking she was ignoring me. Her headset wasn't even on.
  • Getting called in to work! More hours for me = more money!!
  • The beautiful weather today. It was in the 50s and that makes me smile. Spring is coming.
  • Not having much to do at work, so basically just getting paid to hang out....I'm down with that.
  • Visiting my old coworker/friend Doni and getting a great deal on some stuff. {Seriously now: $15 for a pair of jeans, a skirt and 2 tops. I could not pass that up.}
  • Breakfast burritos. 'Nuff said.
  • My crazy family taking goofy pictures together and my mom sword fighting with plastic sticks with Quade. Ending up in a dog pile and lots of laughter. My family is amazing.
  • Four. Days. Til. Vegas.

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  1. I love love love your hair girl! And I just had to pop over and say hello, wonderful getting to know you better, and you might like to know that I can barely swim! As in I can't dive, I have to plug my nose to go under water, and I doggy paddle at best to survive in the deep end. Yey for having strange things in common! haha


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